Opal Guides

A list of all available topic guides.


Opal - Applications, Plugins How Opal components hang together
Command line tool Running admin tasks from the command line
Discoverable Design patterns and library for creating easily reusable features
Plugins Available interfaces for Opal plugins

Data and Business Logic

Data Model How Opal models clinical reality
Episodes Opal Episodes and how to customise them
Core Clinical Model The core clinical data model available to Opal applications
Reference data Canonical coded terms and reference data
App metadata Working with Metadata on the front end
Angular models Working with Clinical data in Angular
Roles & Permissions How we handle authorization in Opal
Tagging Tagging episodes in Opal

Presentation and templating

Theming How to theme your application
Templates Server and client side templating
Default Context Processors Opal Django context processors
Static Files How Opal handles static files
Forms Forms for entering or editing data
Patient Detail Views Detailed views of a Patient
Patient List Views Lists of patients

Optional Components

Search Default search implementation
Pathway Build forms with multiple models, easily
Django Admin Working with Opal models in the Django Admin

Working on Opal itself

Contributing Contributing to Opal
Development environment Setting up the Opal development environment
Making a Release Releasing a version of Opal
Deployment Deploying Opal