Core Clinical Archetypes

Opal ships with a wide range of core clinical concepts implemented as Abstract Subrecords. Applications that are generated via the $ opal startproject command will automatically contain concrete implementations of these models in the application.

Common Metadata fields

All subrecords will contain the following fields, which are not repeated individually

Field Type Length
created_by FK User ID
created Date
updated_by FK User ID
update Date

The details of each individual archetype are set out below:

Patient Subrecords


Field Type Length
hospital_number Char 255
nhs_number Char 255
date_of_birth Date
place_of_birth FKorFT(Destination)
ethnicity FKorFT(Ethnicity)
surname Char 255
first_name Char 255
middle_name Char 255
sex FKorFT(Gender)


Field Type Length
drug FKorFT(Drug)
provisional Boolean
details Char 255

Episode Subrecords


Field Type Length
category Char 255
hospital Char 255
ward Char 255
bed Char 255


Field Type Length
drug FKorFT(Drug)
dose Char 255
route FKorFT(Drugroute)
start_date Date
end_date Date
frequency FKorFT(Drugfreq)


Field Type
condition FKorFT(Condition)
provisional Boolean
details Text
date_of_diagnosis Date


Field Type Length
condition FKorFT(Condition)
year Char 4
details Char 255


Field Type Length
symptoms ManyToMany(Symptom)
duration Char 255
details Text


Field Type Length
internal NullBoolean
referral_organisation FKorFT(ReferralOrganisation)
referral_name Char 255
date_of_referral Date
referral_team FKorFT(Speciality)
referral_type FKorFT(ReferralType)


Field Type Length
when Datetime
initials Char 255
reason_for_interaction FKorFT(Patient_consultation_reason_for_interaction)
discussion Text