Contributing to Opal

Opal is developed as an open source project, and as such we welcome contributions in the form of bug reports, documentation, and code.

Reporting bugs

If you find what looks like a bug, add an issue to the Github Issue tracker.

Unclear documentation, unexpected error messages definitely count as bugs - feel free to raise issues about them.

Please try to include steps to reproduce your bug in the issue - it helps us enormously to find and fix it.

Contributing enhancements or fixes

If you want to contribute an enhancement or fix to Opal:

At this stage, we will assign someone to review your changes before merging. We might ask you to make some changes to your pull request before merging, but in general, we are biased towards accepting contributions from the community.

That said, we won't merge your pull request if:

Don't worry though - we're happy to guide new contributors through this process.

If you want to discuss ideas you have for changes before making them, you can always propose enhancements on the Github Issue tracker or post questions and open discussions on the mailing list.

Issues suitable for new contributors

Issues in the github issue tracker labelled 'easy' have been identified as particularly appropriate for new contributors.