Opal Reference material

The following reference guides are available:


| -|- opal.models.Episode| The central Episode model opal.models.Patient | The Patient model opal.models.Subrecord | for subrecords of Episodes or Patients opal.models.* | Mixin helpers for useful functionality

Opal Core

| -|- opal.core.application | Opal Application objects| opal.core.detail|Detail Views - Custom views over one or many episodes.| opal.core.episodes|Episode Categories - Controlling the behaviour of different types of episode| opal.core.schemas|Schemas - Dynamic columns for the table views| opal.core.patient_lists|Patient Lists - defining different types of list|

Angular Services

| -|- Episode | Episode objects Item | Subrecord objects PatientSummary | Patient search result summaries Search Services | Services from the Search module|

Helper libraries

| -|- The forms Templatetag library | The building blocks for Opal forms The panels Templatetag library | Rendering record panels Javascript Helpers| Angular filters and $rootScope methods

Opal Search module

| -|- Making Search Queries | Search query backends and helper functions

Miscellaneous documentation

| -|- Changelog | Opal Changelog Upgrading | Upgrading between Opal> versions Javascript dependencies| External javascript libraries available | Testing | Testing