Templates in Opal

Opal uses a mixture of Django and Angular templates.

Angular templates

In order to be compatible with Django templating, we use the [[ ... ]] notation for Angular interpolation, which allows us to mix Django template interpolation in templates designed to be rendered by Angular on the client side.

<!-- app_details_snippet.html -->

Generic Template URL

On many occasions we simply want to fetch a template from the server in our Angular code without any further processing. Opal provides a default catchall HTML template url which will render .html files direct from disk.

# opal.urls

url(r'templates/(?P<template_name>[a-z_/]+.html)', views.RawTemplateView.as_view())

So if our template is at ./myapp/templates/foo/bar.html, then the url /templates/foo/bar.html will return it.