Opal Plugins list

The Opal ecosystem has a rich array of re-usable Open Source plugins that can be used as composable units of functionality to build your application. This page lists some of the best available:


The Search plugin bundled with Opal core provides a default database based search implementation for your application, and is scheduled to provide hooks for e.g. using Elastic Search as your search backend.


The Wardround plugin provides structured virtual ward rounds - sequential subsets of patients matching arbitrary criteria that the user may step through in order.


The Discharge Summary plugin allows the user to generate templated letters from the data concerning an episode already held in the Application.


The Referral plugin provides the plumbing for building complex inter-team referrals within an institution.


The Dashboard plugin allows for realtime clinical dashboards featuring arbitrary metrics, displayed within your application.


The Observations plugin caters for the recording and display of electronic observations data.


The Guidelines plugin presents contextual links to clinical guidelines in use at your institution when viewing records of patients whose condition matches those guidelines.

Can be used with national or local guidelines.


The Pathway plugin provides a comprehensive extensible forms library for Opal applications.