Opal is a full stack
web framework for building
health care applications.

Opal encourages rapid development, and elegant, pragmatic design.
Focussed on health care, it builds on years of research and design to
help you in building your app. It's free and open source.

Starting from the shoulders of Giants

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel - and that's why we've built Opal on a Django, Angular and Bootstrap stack.

A specialist health care framework

Most frameworks don't care about your domain.
Opal is different.

Built by experienced developers, it helps you ship robust applications fit for the demanding world of health care.

With Batteries Included

Lots of clinical applications need similar components. Patient lists, clinical pathways, and search to name just a few.

Opal is a "batteries included" framework, and comes with a rich library of composable modules, battle tested in real clinical settings.

Opal Optimises for
programmer happiness

Opal is designed to support developers who need to take applications from idea to production as fast as possible, and to support services that are iterated frequently.

  • Get up and running in seconds.
  • Save time with convention over configuration.
  • No need to re-invent the wheel, or spend time writing boilerplate code.
See how fast you can start building

Quick-start Instructions

~ $ pip install opal

~ $ opal startproject myawesomeapp

~ $ cd myawesomeapp

~/myawesomeapp $ python manage.py runserver

# => Now browse to http://localhost:8000

# => Now log in with u: super p: super1

Modelling medicine is complicated

Opal makes it easy to capture high granularity data on clinical activity, through design patterns that ease data capture, and a data model designed to provide the answers to interesting research questions.

  • Core clinical data model
  • Coded reference data.
  • Usable in the real world.
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Integration and Security

Opal helps you integrate your application with other hospital systems, from bespoke data inputs, through to major EHRs.

By providing Open RESTful APIs for all of the core clinical data management, other developers can easily build on top of your application's data.

Opal applications are configured to provide user management, as well as a full audit trail out of the box.

Download Opal

It's quick and easy to get started with Opal

The latest official version of Opal is 0.23.0.

Latest Official Version (Opal 0.23.0)

The very latest version of Opal is the one in our GitHub repository.
This is recommended only for experienced developers.

Development Version (Opal 0.23.1)

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