Opal Reference material

The following reference guides are available:


opal.models.Episode The central Episode model
opal.models.Patient The Patient model
opal.models.Subrecord for subrecords of Episodes or Patients
opal.models.* Mixin helpers for useful functionality

Opal Core

opal.core.application Opal Application objects
opal.core.detail Detail Views - Custom views over one or many episodes.
opal.core.episodes Episode Categories - Controlling the behaviour of different types of episode
opal.core.schemas Schemas - Dynamic columns for the table views
opal.core.patient_lists Patient Lists - defining different types of list

Angular Services

Episode Episode objects
Item Subrecord objects
PatientSummary Patient search result summaries
Search Services Services from the Search module

Helper libraries

The forms Templatetag library The building blocks for Opal forms
The panels Templatetag library Rendering record panels
Javascript Helpers Angular filters and $rootScope methods

Opal Search module

Making Search Queries Search query backends and helper functions

Miscellaneous documentation

Changelog Opal Changelog
Upgrading Upgrading between Opal> versions
Javascript dependencies External javascript libraries available
Testing Testing