# opal.core.fields

The opal.core.fields module contains helper functions for working with fields, as well as custom Opal field definitions.


A helper function that returns true if a field is numeric. For our purposes, Integers, Decimals, BigIntegers, Floats and Positive Integers are considered numeric.

# -> True


A helper function that returns a Django choices definition from star args.

enum('one', '2', 'III')
# -> (
#     ('one', 'one'),
#     ('2', '2'),
#     ('III', 'III')
#    )


A field that stores it's value as a generic foreign key to an Opal LookupList or as the value in a CharField.

By default this is case insensitive, pass in case_sensitive=True to make it case sensitive when matching against lookup lists or synonyms.


class Duck(object):
  name = ForeignKeyOrFreeText(Name)
  show = ForiegnKeyOrFreeText(Show, case_sensitive=True)

Show.objects.create(name="Duck Tales")

scrooge = Duck()

# by default we are case insensitive, so this will be saved
# as a foreign key to a Name object
scrooge.name = "scrooge"
# ie now
scrooge.name == "Scrooge"
scrooge.name_fk == Name.objects.get(name="Scrooge")

# this is not a case sensitive field so will be stored on the model as free
# text
scrooge.show = "duck tales"

# ie
scrooge.show_ft == "duck tales"